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Jacksonville, Florida based music collective L.O.V.E. Culture features Che, Rob Mari, Flash The Samurai, SpiritXIII and EASYin2d. L.O.V.E is an acronym for League Of Vibrant Energies and Culture is something that's bigger than one individual. Their first collective project “Fluidity” was released in February of 2017 and was followed by a string of headlining shows and a tour throughout the state of Florida. Their motto is “be like water” which to them means to take things as they come and being adaptable to different situations and roles in life. Knowing when to be calm and still like a lake, and when to rage like a rapid river. The individual entities that came together to form the collective felt that there was a void of positive and strong lyricism in the local and national music scene. L.O.V.E. Culture is also a statement letting the masses know that a little love can go a long way and that the love for music can translate into love for each other.

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